2. The E’s

The dreaded second blog post! I imagine it’s like the second album jitters that famous artists get for their second album! Do you think Adele was worried about whether “21” would be as good as “19”? After all, even the cheeky girls released two albums! *audible gasp*. Google it if you don’t believe me.

Mind you, Adele had it hard growing up. I’ve left a link below so you can take a look.

I gotta admire her though. She found an outlet and made a whole lotta dollar! Read that again in a Cilla Black fashion (made me giggle).

So after that melodramatic opening, back to The Big D.

Completely overwhelmed doesn’t even come close. Two weeks ago my head was swimming with trying to accept that I have depression. This has been completely replaced with others sharing that “you’re not the only one” and there are other, wonderful people, who are going through similar scenarios and others who want to support and just be there if I’m having “one of those days”.

Thank you.

Thank you because it’s really made a huge difference. Writing this allows me to articulate what’s going on a thousand times better than trying to articulate it verbally. It reminds me when I was a kid, sucking a gobstopper and trying to speak, failing miserably. I’m pretty sure my mum still thinks that was the most peaceful afternoon of her life! Seriously though, your messages, texts, whatsapp’s, calls, comments, coffee’s, walks and the odd game of Welsh scrabble has really helped!

Over the past week, I must admit, I haven’t really focused on one thing and carried on thinking about 20 things at the same time. I know this isn’t going to change overnight, but bloody hell its frustrating.

Instead I’ve tried to plough myself into E’s … Jeez Louise! It’s bad enough taking anti depressants, let alone the hard stuff! I obviously mean Excuses and Exercise. :p

Cue, cuppa and digestives.

Plan D is something I’m going to be working on for a while and maybe there are certain aspects that I’ll always need to work on. Excuses though, are the Darf Vader, Donald Trump and Professor Moriati all combined to tackling plan D. I’m bloody good at excuses.

I tend to blame everything on lack of sleep, it’s my favourite excuse, which in some part is true. I’m tired! But, I’m tired because I’m not doing anything to try and get a better nights sleep. This week IKEA came to the rescue in the form of a black out blind, the 4,7,8 method helps me to relax (link below) and the ear plugs I got to muffle out John’s snoring have been a God send! (Sorry John).

Although I’m not sleeping as soon as I hit the sack … (Naughty and ouch!) I’ve been trying different ways to help me switch off. Using the bed for only sleeping has also helped, instead of staying on my phone the first thing in the morning and last thing at night. YouTube also has way too many videos on the subject, but have a look if this is something that you struggle with too … Hey! You lovely people who sleep well can also let the rest of us know how you’re so bright eyed and bushy tailed as well!

Next, Exercise. I’ve put this second because excuses normally come after the thought of exercise. I’m too tired, I don’t have time and I don’t have the energy sound familiar?

Over the past week I’ve tried to do some exercise every day and that has also really helped me sleep. It’s helped me sleep because I’m tired from exercising but more importantly it’s given me the sense that I’ve actually achieved something today and that I deserve to relax and fall asleep … Zzzzzzz … Boring you?! Try it for a week and see if it makes a difference.

I’m also finding that depression is nothing like any other illness I’ve had before. It’s not something that you should stay in bed looking at the same 4 walls and ceiling … Which for me is actually a white room! I get that getting out of bed can be extremely difficult but, getting out and walking, running, skipping, hiking, climbing, judo or even colour twirling really does make a difference. The stigma of being depressed doesn’t mean it’s a pass for me to spend the day in bed because that’s what other people think I should do. I’m finding every time I get out and do something, it gives me a bit more motivation and head space that I didn’t have before. Determined see.

You don’t have to climb Pen-y-Fan, Craig Cwm Cynwn and Jacobs ladder (my RAF friends don’t do anything in halves) or do a 7k run, yoga class and a tap dance lesson. That’s what works for me but, everyone’s different.

On that note check out my friends blog “These girls do”. Even though it says girls in the title I still learned a lot about keeping active https://thesegirlsdo.com

If you’ve read this far well done, I hope you came armed with the digestives! I’m off out for a run now … Shameless plug alert! Sponsor me if you have some spare cash. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/will-summers-2

Ooooh it’s like watching a Rupual plug! I’ll just leave this here 😜 https://goo.gl/images/JtERVJ

Thank you so much for reading and by all means, share to your hearts content! W x

Adele – https://youtu.be/6LS4KjWjBrg

4,7,8 method – https://youtu.be/N02BnHwS5FE

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